Goose People

Everyday heroes who strive for excellence. Their journeys, achievements and “can do” attitudes inspire us.

Goose People dream big dreams and take big swings. Their journeys, achievements and take-charge attitudes help us find meaning in the farthest corners of the Earth. Goose People is a concept, an ideology. It is our answer to spokespeople or brand ambassadors. The idea started almost a decade ago, when we first published our Goose People book to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Since then, the concept has evolved and become a core part of our ideology.

It manifests itself in our Canadian identity, our international presence and, most importantly, through our fans and consumers. Goose People have become a lens that colour everything we do and think about. We’re proud to have them as our ambassadors—and know that no matter where they call home, they epitomize the values that we consider so quintessentially Canadian.

Explore Goose People

Sarain Fox

Indigenous Activist & Artist

Ray Zahab

Extreme Adventure Athlete

Laurie Skreslet

First Canadian to Summit Mt. Everest

Marilyn Hofman

Put Canada Goose to the Ultimate Life-Saving Test

Geoff Green

Environmental Ambassador & Educator

Karina Leblanc

Soccer Player & Olympian