Enter the evocative world of three trailblazing women, captured in their element in the epic landscapes of New Mexico for our FW23 campaign.


Sophie Darlington & Kimberly Newell 

Sophie and Kimberly are at the opposite ends of their respective careers, but their natural instincts are a mirror image: passionate about pursuing a path because it was what they were meant to do.


Sheila Atim & Sophie Darlington

Creative focus and patience unite Sophie and Sheila. But it's the beauty and splendor of nature that truly drives them—and demands that they take action to protect it.


Kimberly Newell & Sheila Atim

Into the thick of it: Kimberly and Sheila take a moment to reflect on what keeps them focused on the big picture—there’s a reason they both thrive at talents that are physical, tangible and all-consuming. 

The pursuit of purpose

Sophie Darlington. Sheila Atim. Kimberly Newell. Interconnected by a relentless passion to be part of something bigger, the stars of our FW23 campaign are each driven by a distinctly different raw talent: cinematography, performance and sport. Through unscripted conversation they share their experiences as ambitious women and the strength it requires to live in pursuit of purpose.