Our second store in Germany is now open, positioned at the intersection of history and fashion on the famous Rathenauplatz in the centre of Frankfurt. Located amongst high-end luxury brands, the two-floor space includes the country’s first Cold Room.

Frankfurt Store

Rathenauplatz 1

Kalbächer Gasse
60313 Frankfurt

+49 69 506 075 030

Monday – Saturday: 9:30am – 7:30pm
Sunday: Closed


It's in the details

The interior of the store continues to combine the essence of Canada Goose with the spirit of German craftsmanship and features design details locally sourced and produced: from the grey blue interior stone floor to the furniture selected from an award-winning German design team. 

Experience our first Cold Room in Germany, a weather controlled fitting room, bringing the outside indoors. You will be able to test out the product in the environment it is truly designed for where temperatures drop as low as -25 degrees while simulating snow to maintain Arctic weather conditions.

To further complement the design of the space, the store is focused on elevating Canadian and Arctic narratives, prioritizing Inuit art that expresses the kinship between person and land – the ultimate representation of HUMANATURE.

Visit our unique location to explore the full range of what we offer, from rain jackets to knitwear and of course, our famous parkas.