What is Canada Goose’s Warranty Policy?

Canada Goose products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, to protect you in some of the most extreme weather conditions, and we stand behind each one. Canada Goose products purchased from an Authorized Retailer are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product – which means the usual and customary wearable life of the product, by the original owner. If a product fails due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair the product free of charge, or replace it at our discretion. If the exact style is not available for replacement, a product of equal value and similar style will be provided. Please note, knitwear, accessories and collaborations are excluded from the Canada Goose warranty program, unless otherwise stated.

This warranty does not cover any repairs needed due to accidents, improper care, negligence, or normal wear and tear. This warranty is void if the inside garment tags are removed. For any damage not covered under the warranty, Canada Goose may offer to repair the damage for a reasonable charge. If such an offer is made, we will discuss this with the consumer, prior to any repairs being made.

We aim to have your product back to you as quickly as possible so you can get back to exploring the great outdoors. Our typical turn-around time is four weeks from the time we receive your product to when it gets back to you.

Note: In accordance with our Health & Safety Practices, in order for us to service your claim your item must be freshly cleaned. If your item has not been cleaned before it arrives we will be happy to clean it for you for a nominal charge, which we’ll confirm with you first.

How do I submit a warranty/service claim?

Please login or create an account on our website. Click on the Warranty & Repairs icon and you’ll be given details for next steps, which you can track directly.

What is the warranty on Knitwear styles?

Canada Goose Knitwear is not covered by a warranty policy. Every Knitwear piece is handcrafted in Italy and Romania by knitting experts to ensure the highest quality. Each style is knit as one piece, so we are unable to replace or repair any part of the sweater or jacket.

Product Info:

Does Canada Goose go on sale?

We are proud of the high-quality products we manufacture, and we stand behind the workmanship and expertise that goes into creating each parka, sweater, lightweight down jacket and accessory we make. As such, we never hold Canada Goose sales or Black Friday discounts, either on our website or in our stores.

Where can I locate Canada Goose products?

Canada Goose is sold in more than 50 countries around the world. A wide assortment of our product line can be ordered on our website for delivery in Canada, US, UK & France. We also have two retail locations in Toronto & New York. A full listing of our partner retail locations can be accessed through our Find A Retailer tool.

How do Canada Goose Parkas fit?

We know that not all bodies are the same, so we’ve created three silhouettes for our jackets and parkas:

Slim Fit – An athletic cut designed to fit closer to the body. This fit maximizes mobility while maintaining core warmth.

Regular Fit – Designed for layering and a good balance between Slim & Relaxed. This allows more freedom of movement.

Relaxed Fit – Largest fit, developed for layering in extreme weather, Allows for maximum comfort and ease of movement.

Fusion Fit – We know that for people with smaller body frames, finding outerwear that fits is always a challenge. That’s why we worked with a global team of apparel experts to develop Fusion Fit. Created through research and analysis of 26 key body measurements and more than 16,000 scans of individuals from a range of global populations, Fusion Fit sizing was designed for smaller body frames and Fusion Fit products feature a shorter sleeve length, shorter hem and smaller hood proportions.

Are your products temperature rated?

Canada Goose developed the Thermal Experience Index (TEI) to help you find the warmth you want for the experience you seek in each of our products. Whether you need a lightweight jacket for active pursuits or a field-tested parka for the coldest places on earth, this five-point system is designed to help you make the right selection from our expansive collections.

What is fill power?

Fill power is a measure of the loft, the “fluffiness” of a down product. Canada Goose products have a standardized fill power of 625, 675, 750 and 800.

What does the Arctic Program disc represent?

The Canada Goose Arctic Disc has become an iconic symbol of quality and authenticity and is featured on Canada Goose products. It depicts a stylized polar ice cap, accompanied by lines of longitude and latitude to approximate the look and feel of a traditional Arctic map.

How are your products field tested?

All Canada Goose products are field tested by those who live, work and play in the environments they emerged from. From the Constable Parka developed with insights from law enforcement agencies to the Expedition Parka™ worn by almost every scientist at the South Pole, it is safe to say that Canada Goose is truly a product of its environment.

Why are your gloves and mitts made in China?

We understand that customers wish our Canada Goose gloves and mitts were produced in Canada – we do too, and we’re in search of a top quality Canadian supplier. In the meantime, our gloves are and mitts are manufactured overseas but rigorously monitored to ensure they meet the unwavering Canada Goose standard of excellence. If you know any Canadian high-performance glove manufacturers, please contact us.

Where is your Knitwear made?

The vision for our Knitwear collection starts in Canada with our design team. In order to bring the collection to life with the highest quality of craftsmanship, we journeyed around the world and searched for world-class partners who are innovators and experts in the knitting industry. As a result, Canada Goose knits are made in Italy and styles that incorporate down are made in Romania.

What wool is used in the Knitwear collection?

Canada Goose Knitwear is made with only one material: ultra-fine Merino wool. Sourced from Argentina, Canada Goose’s Merino wool is ethically sourced, traceable, and made with exceptionally fine fibres that make it softer to the touch than other types of wool.

What is the warranty on Knitwear styles?

Canada Goose Knitwear is not covered by a warranty policy. Every Knitwear piece is handcrafted in Italy and Romania by knitting experts to ensure the highest quality. Each style is knit as one piece, so we are unable to replace or repair any part of the sweater or jacket.


Why do we use fur?

As a function-first company, we use fur on some of our jackets because having fur trim around a jacket hood disrupts airflow and creates turbulent air which helps protect the face from frostbite. We do not use fake or faux fur because authenticity is everything to Canada Goose. Real fur is bio-degradable and sustainable where faux fur is not.

We are committed to providing full transparency about how we make our products, including the ethical sourcing and responsible use of animal products. Through our suppliers, we source fur only from licensed trappers in North America, who are strictly regulated by state, provincial and federal standards. The Canada Goose Fur Transparency Standard™ ensures that as of April 2017, all of our fur products will be fully traceable back to where they were sourced and certified to be in accordance with the Agreement of International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS) in Canada and the Best Managed Practices (BMP) in the United States. According to wildlife biologists and other experts, trapping is an essential conservation tool to help maintain stable and healthy wildlife populations in a responsible way. LEARN MORE

Why do we use down?

We choose down because it is the world's best insulator, providing approximately three times the warmth per ounce as synthetic insulators, ultimately creating a significantly warmer and lighter product. Each ounce of down has approximately two million fluffy filaments that interlock and overlap to create insulating pockets of air, which keeps you warm. When cared for properly, a high-quality down-filled coat will last for generations.

Canada Goose purchases all of our down from Feather Industries Canada Ltd., a Canadian down-procurement company and all of our down is hypoallergenic, laboratory-tested and exceeds all Canadian and International Cleanliness Standards. We never use down from live-plucked or force-fed birds, and only purchase down that comes as a by-product from the poultry industry. The Canada Goose Down Transparency Standard™ ensures that as of January 2017, all down insulation used in new Canada Goose products is fully traceable and compliant with our strict requirements which ensure that all animals have not been subjected to any unfair practices, inhumane treatment or undue harm.

Canada Goose was a founding member of the Down Association of Canada and has been an active participant for the 40 years since. For more information on down and its benefits, please visit our partner’s website at www.downmark.ca. LEARN MORE


How can I ensure that I purchased an authentic Canada Goose product?

As Canada Goose continues to grow in popularity, we also continue to experience an increase in counterfeit outerwear.

To combat this issue, Canada Goose developed a hologram which is sewn into every Canada Goose jacket and accessory as proof of authenticity. The hologram, created exclusively for Canada Goose, features images or elements that can be seen from different angles. The hologram was designed to be complex and difficult for counterfeiters to reproduce.

We started featuring the hologram in our 2011 fall/winter collection, and have been included on all collections since.

The only way to ensure you are purchasing an authentic Canada Goose product is to purchase from authorized Canada Goose retailers. A list of these authorized retailers can be found under our Find A Retailer section of our website.

Fake Canada Goose parkas are made with inferior materials and sub-par quality standards, resulting in jackets that offer no protection from the elements and can actually pose health risks to those who wear them. Additionally, the production of counterfeit goods often support illegal activities such as child labour, unsafe working conditions and organized crime. Canada Goose has been at the forefront in the fight against counterfeiting, utilizing numerous initiatives to shut down these operations and stop the sale of fake Canada Goose jackets. Canada Goose has been built by customers who fell in love with the product and we take any threat to our integrity very seriously.

We’re very proud of our long heritage and we will continue to find ways to protect our customers against this growing illegal industry. Find more information here.

Canada Goose can perform authentication within 30 days of purchase for all products bought at one of our authorized retailers. Any request must be submitted by the original purchaser and include a valid proof of purchase. Authentications will be performed by one of Canada Goose facilities located either in Canada or Europe.

To find a list of Authorized Retailers in your area, visit Find a Retailer.


What is your relationship with the film industry?

Known as the “(un)official jackets of film crews everywhere its cold,” the brand has maintained a relationship with the film and entertainment industry for over 20 years, outfitting cast and crews around the world. The brand has supported films such as The Day After Tomorrow, Eight Below, National Treasure, Good Luck Chuck, Whiteout, Mr. Popper's Penguins, Red, Expendables 2 and Captain America. Find more information on our role in the Film Industry here.

Where can I find the latest information on Canada Goose?

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