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Recycling plastic

Goodbye to plastics. Soft plastics like shrink wrap are difficult to recycle, but we found a way.

Take-charge employees and a local recycler are leading the way to eliminate all single-use plastics in our production facilities such as shrink wrap, polybags, and containers by the end of 2020.

First up – recycling the difficult-to-recycle plastic shrink wrap waste from the cutting floors in three of our production facilities in Canada. Our team is working with a start-up recycling company based in Winnipeg that collects the soft plastic and repurposes it into construction blocks, benches and other composite plastic items. Within a year, over 2,700 kilograms of soft plastics have been kept out of landfills. In 2020 we will expand the program to facilities in other provinces as we look to remove all single-use plastics in all facilities we own or control, including non-production related waste.

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