Forces of nature

The most anticipated drop of FW21 is finally here. Introducing Canada Goose Footwear. Two innovative styles that are designed to withstand the elements and the test of time.

Built with
Canada Goose DNA

Infused with the function and aesthetic of our most iconic parkas, Canada Goose Footwear enables you to thrive in the world outside. Every detail is designed with intention, calling on the performance-driven, meticulous design expertise we’ve honed over 60 years of extreme weather protection—now from head to toe.

Build with canada goose
Build with canada goose
Varied Lacing Options
Drawcords and cord-locks quickly adjust to expertly seal out snow and wind. For comfort and venting on-the-go, easily adjust lacing from a performance-driven close fit to laces down for casual terrain.
Reflective Details
Inspired by the iconic Snow Mantra Parka, the reflective Canada Goose Wordmark logo, laces, and signature double-stripe details around the back of the calf provide visibility in low light.
Outsole with Superior Grip, Cushioning and Flexibility
Slipped texture on the surface of the lugs—with a design inspired by the Canadian Maple leaf—adds traction on wet or icy surfaces while the position of the tread pattern allows the sole to flex with the foot.

Snow Mantra Boot

Packed with the DNA of its outerwear counterpart, the Snow Mantra Boot was tested on the icy tundra of the Canadian North. Built to conquer some of the harshest conditions and designed with impeccable detail, step into the luxury of extreme warmth.

A New Terrian

A new terrain

Canada Goose Footwear is your calling to get out there, explore, and define a path forward. Whether you’re conquering the harshest conditions or seeking iconic craftmanship that will endure all season long, the innovative, intelligent designs of the Snow Mantra Boot and Journey Boot means every step feels customized to your adventure.

Journey Boot
Soft & Flexible Upper
Constructed with just three pieces to eliminate seams and, as a result, pressure points. This flexible boot will mold to the wearer’s foot over time, ensuring a custom fit for enduring use.
Comfort & Flexibility
The midsole provides cushion while the midfoot’s stabilizer provides arch support for long comfort on hikes and daily commutes.
Iconic Squared-Off Toe & Step Heel
Style and functionality inspired by classic Hiker boots used in the Alps—which helps taking the boots on and off with ease.

Journey Boot

Expertly crafted in Italy and built for the demands of the everyday. Inspired by classic Hiker boots worn in the Alps, the entire construction of the Journey Boot ensures flexibility across terrain and the elements.

What intelligent design feels like

Join the Canada Goose Footwear design team for an intimate look at the decisions and details that brought the Snow Mantra Boot and Journey Boot to life. From the celebrated DNA of iconic parkas that started our journey into Footwear to gear testing prototypes on icy mountain peaks, read all about it on Beyond.

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Step into a pair today

Canada Goose Footwear is now available at all of our stores around the world, select wholesale partners globally, and online always. Shop the Snow Mantra Boot and the Journey Boot now.