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Eco-friendly paper bags and garment bags

Our redesigned paper shopping bags are better for shoppers and the environment.

In late 2019, holiday shoppers carried home their Canada Goose purchases in redesigned paper shopping bags that are now 100% recyclable and more durable.

The new bags feature a woven paper handle and reinforced paper, making them sturdier and better able to carry heavy items and reuse. And, they are now made completely of one material – paper – making it easier, and quicker, for our customers to recycle every bag.

Next, we want to reduce the use of virgin materials in our packaging. In 2020, we will explore using recycled paper in our shopping bags and recycled plastic water bottles in our garment bags. And like our rugged garments, these branded black garment bags are designed to last a lifetime. Incorporating recycled materials and creating products that last will further reduce our use of virgin materials.

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