Reclaiming down

Employees teamed up to transform down in unsold garments from waste to resource.

Our commitment to craftmanship means those rare garments that fail our rigorous quality control standards are not sold to consumers.

But what happens to those garments? Guided by a respect for natural resources – especially resources such as down – our team at our Winnipeg production facility teamed up with their quality control colleagues in our Toronto office to find a way to reuse the materials from unsold down jackets. Together, they resoled to develop a new process for recovering the down and preventing it from becoming waste.

And this simple change has paved the way for repurposing other resources. By seeing possibilities and embracing the opportunity to find a better way, resourceful Canada Goose employees are advancing our journey to reuse materials, transforming production waste into a resource. Because of this work, we will explore the use of recovered down in our products in 2020.

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