Geoff Green’s life is dedicated to giving youth an in-depth understanding of and respect for the environment. As the founder of Students On Ice, his organization has taken over 2,500 students, educators, scientists and leaders on expeditions to both the Arctic and Antarctica, with the goal of spurring a long-lasting connection with the natural world around them—and inspiring them to protect the environment. “You’re going to a place where mother nature is so in control, you’re humbled and you get a sense of awe and wonder,” he says. “I think our society is losing that connection with the natural world and you get it—in your face!—the second you arrive.”

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  • Lodge Hoody
    official baseball hat
    Leather boots
    GPS Monitor System
    Pocket-sized utility tool

From left to right: Canada Goose Lodge Hoody; Students On Ice official baseball hat; Leather boots; GPS Monitor System; Sunglasses; Pocket-sized utility tool; Binoculars

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