HOW - Focus Areas

Handled with Care

We work to ensure that our products are safe for people and the planet

As a global brand, Canada Goose is committed to ensuring sound product safety and chemical management throughout our global supply chain.

We want our products to be safe for the people who make them, customers who use them, and the environment in which we all live. We operate a comprehensive chemical testing management system, which is based on the relevant product safety regulations of the countries to which we sell. We require that all our raw material suppliers responsibly manage chemicals, dyes, and finishes and, to ensure compliance, we test raw materials and finished articles, both at the development stage and in mass production.

Raw Materials That Are Safe from the Start
To better accomplish this, in 2019 we became a System Partner with bluesign® technologies, an independent textile auditing group based in Switzerland. Bluesign uses a system of factory audits and certification to monitor the complex journey of materials at every step of the supply chain – from chemical formulation to the finished product. We apply their criteria for resource efficiency, worker safety, environment and consumer protection, and chemical exclusions.

At the end of 2019, 32% of our Canada Goose fabrics were bluesign® approved for responsible and sustainable practices. We aim to have this number at 90% by 2025.

Ensuring the Safety of our Finished Products
To further exclude unwanted chemicals from our products, we maintain a Restricted Substances List (RSL), which serves as the foundation for safeguarding customers and employees from exposure to potential ingredients of concern in the products we sell. As members of the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA), we follow the thresholds outlined in their Restricted Substances List. Canada Goose suppliers are expected to comply with our RSL and we empower a third-party agency to sample test all our finished goods for more than 160 substances. In addition to keeping unwanted chemicals out of our products, our RSL guides suppliers in complying with local, national, and international laws on chemical management, use, and disposal.