HOW - Focus Areas

Proudly Made in Canada.

The place of manufacturing matters as much as the product itself.

We’ve always believed in the philosophy that the best products are made in the best places to make them.

As such, we manufacture our core down-filled parkas in eight of our owned and operated facilities in Montreal, Toronto, and Winnipeg, including six new factories opened in the last three years. By keeping the majority of our production domestic, we contribute to local job growth and can more easily maintain our high manufacturing and labour standards. At the end of 2019, we employed 4,591 workers in Canada – one fifth of the Canadian garment-making sector’s workforce.

As Canada Goose has grown into a global luxury brand, we’ve added new apparel categories including knitwear and accessories. To assure customers of the premier quality they have come to expect from our brand, we source these new lines from manufacturers capable of meeting our exacting standards, and who share our values on the environment and workplace conditions. The skill and craftsmanship that goes into these pieces would not be possible without the work done by the vetted and operationally transparent factories our global manufacturing partners use. After extensive research, we found the right places on the globe to manufacture specific garments, based on quality and expertise, not margins. It’s why we chose to make our knitwear in Italy and Romania, and our accessories in Asia, where we can get the highest-quality products at the scale we need, regardless of labour costs.