Meet our Transformation Teams.

Strategically placed around the globe, Sustainability Councils are our changemakers

As a growing global business with an entrepreneurial mindset, sustainability will always influence our decisions. Making positive change on a global scale requires buy-in from everyone, in all areas of our business.

To maximize the opportunity for employees to help, in 2019 we formed three regional Sustainability Councils spanning our major areas of operations: North America, Asia and International. All told, these councils involve over 50 employees across the enterprise, each with knowledge and a personal passion in sustainability.

The people in these councils are our boots on the ground. They are the changemakers who help recognize, capture, and foster the sustainable thinking already present in our organization. From waste, energy, efficient use of resources, and safer materials – council members are already wrestling with issues and exploring ideas that can be translated into sustainable solutions.

These action-oriented groups help us achieve impact as they:

  • Raise awareness of social and environmental issues in their geographic areas, and promote sustainability initiatives that align with our global Sustainable Impact Strategy
  • Assist in compiling data and information for annual reporting and benchmarking
  • Identify issues, opportunities, and solutions with implementation plans to help drive our Sustainable Impact Strategy
  • Meet quarterly and report their findings to the global Sustainability Working Group