HOW - Focus Areas

Trust, but verify.

With self- and third-party assessments, we ensure that our factories and suppliers maintain safe, clean working conditions in their facilities.

Through our Social Performance Program and in collaboration with our Sourcing team, we monitor our direct (Tier 1) partners and their (Tier 2) factories to determine their adherence to the standards set forth in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Our program includes periodic social self-assessments and third-party assessments; we rely on ongoing collaboration and open dialogue with our suppliers to deliver on our commitment to responsible manufacturing.

In 2020, we are partnering with third-party inspection services to assess 100% of our Tier 1 suppliers for their performance to our new Supplier Code of Conduct. Currently, for any facilities where improvement is needed, we issue corrective action plans and assist in any required remediation.

We track our facilities using our own database and, by the end of 2019, had received assessments for 82% of our Tier 1 and Tier 2 facilities. Moving forward, we plan to:

  • Collect social self-assessments from all Tier 1 partners and their factories by May 2020
  • Complete third-party assessments of all Tier 1 partners and their factories against the Canada Goose Supplier Code of Conduct by the end of 2020
  • Update our scoring methodology for supplier performance to better identify areas for improvement

Improving Supplier Practices
We view our relationship with our suppliers as a true partnership with high expectations as well as mutual support. If a supplier or one of their factories is not in compliance with any of the principles and guidelines in our Supplier Code of Conduct, we require immediate corrective measures. Based on assessment results, we actively work with suppliers and their factories to help them take action and align with our requirements by improving their practices. Our policy is to terminate the relationship with any supplier who is unwilling to comply with the principles and guidelines outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct and supplemental programmatic expectations.

Made In Canada…and Beyond
As our company grows and we expand our use of partners in other markets with different labour practices, we will continue to onboard them and assess their new factories against our Supplier Code of Conduct for their adherence to our rigorous social and environmental manufacturing standards.

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Decent Work and Economic Growth – Sustainable economic growth will require societies to create the conditions that allow people to have quality jobs that stimulate the economy while not harming the environment.

Canada Goose supports UN Sustainable Development 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth by supporting local economies in our supply chain, creating roles for new Canadians through our Sewing Schools, contributing, and investing in the Canadian economy, as well as creating good paying jobs in other parts of the world.