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Canada Goose Reflective Hood Trim

Extend the coverage and protection of your hood with our interchangeable Hood Trims for added shelter on cold days.


Size Guide

Hood Trim Styles

Listed below you will find style names and numbers which will help you determine the Hood Trim size that will fit your parka. Currently, not all parkas are Hood Trim compatible, see list below for reference.

In the interior of your parka you will find the Multi-Language Label (MLL) where your style number will be listed (e.g. 2742M). Please reference below to determine your Hood Trim size and if your parka is compatible. Please contact a Canada Goose representative if you are having difficulties determining style name, number and Hood Trim sizing.



49.5 cm

Men's Styles
  • Langford Parka | 2052M, 2052M1, 2052MA, 2052MB, 2052MBA
  • Chilliwack Bomber | 2050M, 2050M1, 2050MPB
  • Expedition Parka | 2051M, 2051MA, 2051MPB, 2051MPBA
  • Wyndham Parka | 2048M, 2048M1, 2048MB
  • Chateau Parka | 2053M, 2053M1, 2053MA, 2053MB
  • Carson Parka | 2079M, 2079M1, 2079MA, 2079MB
  • MacMillan Parka | 2080M, 2080M1, 2080MB
  • Borden Bomber | 2055MB


49.5 cm

Women's Styles
  • Shelburne Parka | 3802W, 3802W1, 3802WA, 3802WB
  • Rossclair | 2580W, 2580W1, 2580WA, 2580WB
  • Trillium Parka | 6660W, 6660W1, 6660WA, 6660WB
  • Lorette Parka | 2090W, 2090W1, 2090WB
  • Chelsea Parka | 3804W, 3804W1, 3804WB
  • Mystique Parka | 3035W, 3035W1, 3035WA, 3035WB, 3035WBA
  • Lynnwood Parka | 2530W, 2530W1, 2530WB
  • Chilliwack Parka | 2050W, 2050W1, 2050WPB
  • Expedition Parka | 2051W, 2051WA, 2051WPB, 2051WPBA
  • Kenton Parka | 3816W1, 3816WB
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