It’s impossible to count the number of hours Paddy Doyle has spent in the skies. As a life-long pilot with First Air, Paddy has spent his career flying throughout Northern Canada, servicing remote communities and Arctic research stations alike. It’s a job that allows him to see areas of the world that few people have ever set eyes on—but also puts him face to face with the unpredictable demands of the Arctic. Early in his career, Paddy experienced just how relentless the north can be while flying home from Resolute Bay: a vicious storm hit and he was forced to make an emergency landing. Alone on the tundra in the middle of nowhere, Paddy took shelter—and set to work trying to deice two inches of solid ice from his small airplane. After three days, a rescue arrived, but never one to back down, Paddy insisted on flying his own plane back to safety.

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