Payge McMahon is an adventure athlete and journalist. She’s climbed the Himalayan Mountains, summited the highest peaks in Africa, Japan and the US and run ultra-marathons across Iceland. Her adventures are motivated by her late mother, whose unfinished bucket list Payge is in the process of completing. She advocates ‟actions over words” and being focused on the things you can do in life, not those you can’t. “The challenges of hiking two hundred-plus miles, or whitewater rafting in freezing cold weather or dog sledding--you learn a lot about yourself and how much you can endure,” she says. “You learn that you’re stronger than you think you are.”

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From left to right: Hiker’s Backpack; Canada Goose Tremblant Pull Over; Hiking Boots which have trekked over 400 miles and up/down 70,000 feet; Boarding pass; Pocket knife

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