This month, we’re opening the doors of our new Global Headquarters in Toronto. The 96,000-square-foot factory has doubled our production capacity—and is home to more than 100 employees who are passionate about producing hand-crafted, Canadian-made outdoor luxury apparel.

From the practiced precision that guides the scissors to the agile hands of the sewers, there are a lot of steps that go into making one Canada Goose parka. Come inside our factory and meet some of the dedicated team members who create our iconic products and see how they’re made.

Meet Nick:

Meet Maria:


A Canada Goose parka passes through the skilled hands of 13 different people before completion

Down Room Supervisor, Earl, adds a 20lb (9kg) bag of premium goose down blend to a state-of-the-art down-filling machine.

Skillful hands cut up to 100 detailed pattern pieces every day, including jacket cuffs, linings and trims, with meticulous care guided by years of expertise.

Line Sewer, Paulina, has been a part of the Canada Goose family since 1966 – when there were only six employees.

Each jacket is inspected down to the last stitch before it’s packaged and shipped worldwide.

Every Canada Goose coat receives a Made in Canada label to mark our unwavering commitment to keep production at home.